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 Pokemon Z Mega Evolutions

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PostSubject: Pokemon Z Mega Evolutions   Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:39 pm

Hey guys, if Pokémon Z came out, could we see more Mega Evolutions exclusive to Z?

It seems inevitable that we might see Mega Zygarde seeing that for a legendary, he kind of sucks, and it seems he kind of needs a Mega Evolution and considering he'd be the mascot for Pokémon Z, then like Giratina getting the Origin Form and Kyurem getting his fusion forms, and Mega Evolution being the gimmick of 6th gen, then it seems inevitable we might see Mega Zygarde.

I'd like to see Mega Forms forms for Blastoise and Venusaur, no fair, why does Charizard get two, the other two should get another too, especially Blastoise, his Mega Form in X and Y is nothing but Blastoise with big cannons, it's kind of derpy actually, I'd like to see this as Blastoise's Mega Evolution.

Now that's Mega Blastoise.

Venusaur's Mega Evolution was good, but again, Venusaur and Blastoise should have two Mega Evolutions, no reason why Charizard gets two and they don't.

Swampert and Sceptile should get Mega evolutions since Blaziken has one, would be cool to have all three of them have Mega Evolutions.

Deoxys getting a Mega Evolution would be scary, yet awesome, he'd be very powerful.

Mew should get a Mega Evolution since Mewtwo has one, in fact there should be a Mew distribution during the release of Pokémon Z to include Mew with the Mega Stone that evolves Mega Mew.

What Mega Evolutions would you like Pokémon Z to introduce?
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Pokemon Z Mega Evolutions
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