A refuge for fellow trainers new and old. It does not matter if you started with Crystal Version or Pokemon X or Y, you are welcome here.
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 Best Big Boss

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PostSubject: Best Big Boss   Best Big Boss I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 25, 2014 10:00 pm

Who was the best Antagonist?

We're talking boss, not teams.

Giovanni, Cyrus, Ghetsis or Lynsandre?

I liked Ghetsis, he had good Pokémon team, unlike Cyrus, in whom had a stupid team, wasn't part of Team Rocket, again, Jesse and James kind of ruined Team Rocket's rep imo that makes Giovanni in whom is a excellent boss look bad, he controlled Kyurem, rather than just using it's power to destroy stuff, sure he wanted to freeze everything, but he still made it fight.

I'll give Giovanni credit, I liked him in the Anime, you can't beat the fact that he at one time controlled Mewtwo with a snap of his fingers and kicked Gary's butt.

I liked Lynsandre, he had the look, he kind of looked like Ganondorf, but his Pokémon team was lacking compared to Ghetsis's team.

Cyrus just down right sucked, pathetic Pokémon team, even he has freaken Golbat, and no it does not mean a thing in the final battle that it's a Crobat and looky here, both Cyrus and Lynsandre use Gyarados, in whom sucks, one thunder move he's done, I always saw Pyroar more of Lysandre's signature Pokémon than Gyarados, s[peaking of whch, who's Cyrus's signature Pokémon, Ghetsis has Hydreigon, Giovanni has Nidoking, Lynsandre has Pyroar, but who's Cyrus's, his Crobat?

So who do you think is the best big boss?

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Best Big Boss
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